Mike's Collection

www.mikecathro.com is a website created specifically for playing cards collection. The visionary and founder Mike Cathro is a worldwide antique collector. Cathro has been around the world, visited many wonderful museums and historical sites and grew a burning passion for playing cards. His career in antique collections led him to magnificent creations of playing cards that were/are famous in the world.

Who We Are

Mike Cathro is a qualified Professor who studied Archaeology. His interest in exploring Historical artifacts and beyond has driven him to create his mini-museum for cards. Fan site for collectable playing cards and playing cards collectors will find Mike Cathro’s mini-museum helpful.

The Website….

www.mikecathro.com  is a website inspired by my daughter, Catherine Ellen Cathro.  Actually, our storyline can be compared to that of Belle and her father in the myth, The Beauty and the Beast. I, being the father who is always out in the world collecting antiques, decided to bring something valuable to give to my daughter each time I returned. My beloved Catherine was 9 years old when she started living with her mother, my divorcee.

When Catherine turned 18 years she went to college to study law. I had to renovate the whole house including the room she used whenever she visited, that’s when I bumped into the priceless treasures from my travels. These are the little precious gifts I spent 9 years collecting around the world. It touched me that she kept all the memories. Therefore I converted her old room into a playing card mini-museum

The fact that she kept all those treasures for memory sake made me realise that the smallest items can mean nothing today but will tell a whole different story tomorrow.  Thus I have dedicated my time and effort to collecting playing cards. As I said before, I have a burning passion for playing cards and this website will be the archive of all cards that ever existed.

Why Choose www.mikecathro.com?

Allow me to give you a few reasons why you should trust Mike Cathro:

  • He is not only qualified in collecting valuable treasurers but has got a personal experience to the activity.
  • The dedication, time and effort prove beyond doubt that his collection is well researched with a professional and personal touch attached to it.