Care and Display

Orbiter Display Card Case

Most of the card decks that you will come across as a collector might be very old and fragile and at the same time very precious. To preserve these special sets many measures can be taken into consideration.


The environment can be hazardous to precious artifacts. It takes proper care and display of pre-historical treasures to prolong the live and slow down deteriorating. Factors such as light, temperature and moisture, air pollution and pests are considered threats to priceless antiques. Therefore storage of collections is a priority.


It is advisable to consult or let a professional conservator do the cleaning and the repairs. The use of dusting sprays and polishes on antiques can be harmful since they release chemicals that can speed up the deterioration process. We recommend the use of soft brushes and soft cotton cloths for the cleaning.

Handling and Moving

When moving your playing card collections in and out of their storage spaces. Make sure that the cards are properly switched from one place to another to avoid damages.

Access and Security

The studio that you select to display or conserve the playing cards has to be highly secure. A few measures that can be taken to ensure that the studio is safe are the use of face recognition, fingerprint detection or the iris scanner. The use of motion sensors and the laser beam system can be implemented. But this has to be in line with the value of your collection.

Mike Cathro’s Ideal Studio For Artifacts

Over the years I have been disappointed when I came across artifacts that were damaged due to improper maintenance. Therefore I came up with an idea of creating my own studio for playing cards collection. I have shared the tips to help other enthusiasts.

My home studio for my collection is the size of an ordinary bedroom for a general family house. It is approximately 2m x 3m in size. It has a waterproof peach wall with an impermeable white ceiling. I took great precaution to make sure that there were no cracks to permit leakage or sunlight penetration. Light on its own can cause irreversible damages to very and important cards.

The room has two large windows that allow a lot of sunlight to enter.  Therefore, I decorated with blinds that are easily adjustable and create a lively, friendly atmosphere.

I avoided fitted carpets at all costs as they accumulate dust. However, I opted for wooden tiles. For temperatures and security sake, I had a technician install a digital-meter device that can be easily adjusted to suit preferred temperatures.

I catalogue my collection according to estimated dates or times of discovery, texture, size and shape. That is how each display can have a controlled temperature, air, light, humidity and anti-pest control. The room is strictly for my collection and nothing else. And so should yours.