Best New Decks

Playing cards are one of the most common ways used by many people to pass time. There are so many card packs which feature many different themes. This allows players to be glued to the gameplay for a long time. Playing card features offer everything terms of variety. I have listed down some of the wonderfully made decks which are currently captivating a lot of playing card fans.


The cards come with a design of the Colorado Peaks Mountains, which are believed to be 14,000 feet above sea level. The cards are well designed and the graphics are top notch. Every card carries a different mountain together with its name and its altitude. This deck of playing cards comes at an affordable price, ranging from $10-$15.

Peak Playing Cards


This pack of cards was inspired by the “back then” lumberjacks who were appreciated by a lot of Canadians because of their amazing work of harvesting and transporting trees in Canada back in 1945. Instead of the well-known Kings, Hearts, and Shrubs, this pack of cards took a different twist to honor the Lumberjacks. It consists of bicycles made of wood, saws, trees and other things used by Lumberjacks with eye-catching quality pictures of the heydays. This is a well-known pack of cards. It is collectable at a low price of $12. You can find them at Art of Play San Diego and Native Arts in Canada.

Lumberjack Playing Cards

Jane Austen

Novel lovers and Jane Austen will love this pack of cards. Novel readers will have to remember all of their favourite Jane Austen novels for them to adore the play. These playing cards offer rich content made up of some of the quotes used in the novel of Austen and as well as some of the characters in the novel. They feature some of the original illustrations from the novel. These cards might be old but they are rich and intriguing in content. They are offered online at Amazon for an affordable price of $13.

Jane Austin Playing Cards


These are one of the most novel and unusual playing cards but they contain very good quality pictures. They have a transparent grid at the back. But the opponent will not be able to view your cards during play. They are usually found on Amazon for $10.

Pixel Playing Cards

Created By Children

The delightful sets of decks are created by young children in Korea. They consist of artistic and funny drawings of high quality. The playing cards cater to young children. These cards bring smiles to the faces of children as they have animation drawings of dinosaurs, funny animals and soft looking spades, hearts and shrubs. They are found at Art of Play at a low price that is friendly to young children. You can get a pack for $7.

Created by Children Playing Cards